Describe a party that you enjoyed IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a party that you enjoyed IELTS CUE CARD

You should say:

When and where the party was held?
Who attended the party?
What kind of party it was?
What you did in the party?
And explain why you enjoyed this party?

Model Answer 1: IELTS CUE CARD

Well, I want to talk about a party I really liked. It happened last summer at my cousin’s house. Family and some close friends came.

It was a birthday party, nothing fancy. We had a barbecue in the backyard and played games like volleyball and cards.


I enjoyed it because everyone was relaxed and cheerful. We laughed a lot and ate delicious food. It felt good to spend time with loved ones and forget about daily stress.

This party was special because it reminded me of the importance of family and simple joys. It made me appreciate the moments when we can all be together.

That’s the party I truly enjoyed.


 Model Answer 2: Describe a party that you enjoyed

A party I really enjoyed was my cousin’s wedding reception. It took place last summer at a beautiful garden venue in our hometown.

The party was attended by all our close family members and many of our friends. It was a big gathering with around 200 guests.

It was a wedding reception, so it was a joyful and formal occasion. There was a grand buffet with a variety of delicious dishes, a live band playing music, and a dance floor for everyone to enjoy.

During the party, I danced with my cousins and friends, took lots of photos with the newlyweds, and enjoyed the scrumptious food. It was a night filled with laughter and happiness.


I enjoyed this party because it was a celebration of love and unity. Seeing my cousin and his bride so happy and surrounded by loved ones was heartwarming. The atmosphere was festive, and I felt a strong sense of togetherness with my family and friends. It was a night of making cherished memories that I will always treasure.

 Model Answer 3: IELTS CUE CARD

I want to talk about a party I really liked. It was my best friend’s birthday party.


The party happened last year at my friend Raj’s house. We surprised Raj because he didn’t know about it. My other friends from high school were there too.

It was a fun and relaxed party. We decorated the living room with balloons and had snacks. We played our favorite songs.

The best part was when we turned off the lights, and Raj came in. We surprised him with a birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday.”

At the party, we played games, danced, and talked about funny things from our school days. It was a great time to remember old times and make new memories.


I enjoyed this party because seeing the happiness on Raj’s face was amazing. It was also a break from our busy lives, and we could enjoy being together.

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But the main reason I loved this party was because of the close friendship we have. Even though we’ve grown up and moved away, we felt like we were back in school. We laughed, remembered old stories, and made new ones.

In the end, this party wasn’t just about Raj’s birthday. It was about celebrating our strong friendship. It reminded us of why we became friends in the first place and how much we mean to each other.


 Model Answer 4: IELTS CUE CARD

I want to tell you about a party that I really enjoyed. It was a birthday party for my friend, Sarah.

The party took place last summer at Sarah’s house. It was a small gathering with just a few close friends. We decided to have it at her house because it’s cozy and comfortable.

The party was a surprise birthday party for Sarah. We all chipped in to plan it secretly. It was a simple but fun party. We decorated her living room with colorful balloons and streamers. We also had a birthday cake and some delicious snacks.


During the party, we played games like charades and Pictionary. We laughed a lot and had a great time. We also had a photo booth with props, and we took silly pictures together.

What I enjoyed the most about this party was the happiness on Sarah’s face when she walked in and saw all of us there to celebrate her birthday. She was truly surprised, and that made it even more special.

I enjoyed this party because it was a relaxed and intimate gathering of close friends. There was no pressure to dress up or be formal. We could just be ourselves and have a good time together. It was a reminder of how important our friendship is and how much fun we have when we’re together.

In conclusion, this was a simple but wonderful party that I enjoyed because of the joy it brought to my friend and the quality time we spent together. It was a celebration of friendship, and those are always the best kind of parties.


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