Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others IELTS cue Card


Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others

You should say:

Who this person is?
What he/she likes to cook?
Who he/she cooks for?
And explain why he/she enjoys cooking?

Model Answer 1: IELTS cue Card

The person I want to talk about is my mother. She really enjoys cooking for others, and I think she’s an excellent cook.

Firstly, my mother likes to cook a variety of dishes, but her specialty is traditional home-cooked meals. She’s particularly skilled at making dishes from our cultural background, which are rich in flavors and aromas. Her signature dishes include biryani, curry, and homemade bread. Whenever she’s in the kitchen, you can smell the delicious spices and herbs she uses, and it makes our home feel warm and inviting.


She primarily cooks for our family and close friends. My mother believes that food is a way to bring people together and show love and care. Whenever we have guests or a special occasion, she’s the first one in the kitchen, preparing a feast for everyone to enjoy. Her cooking has become a symbol of hospitality in our family, and it’s something we all look forward to.

My mother enjoys cooking for others because it brings her immense joy to see people savoring and appreciating her food. She says that cooking allows her to express her love and creativity. It’s her way of nurturing and taking care of our family. She often tells me that the smiles on our faces when we taste her dishes are the most rewarding thing for her.

In conclusion, my mother is a person who genuinely enjoys cooking for others. Her love for cooking, her delicious dishes, and the way she brings our family and friends together through her food make her a special person in my life. I feel lucky to have a mother who not only nourishes us with her cooking but also fills our hearts with love and warmth through her culinary skills.

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Sample Answer 2: IELTS cue Card

The person I want to talk about is my friend Lisa. She loves cooking for others.

Lisa is a cheerful woman in her early 30s, and she’s always wearing a smile. She’s a warm and friendly person, and she enjoys making people happy through her cooking.

Lisa likes to cook a variety of dishes, but her specialty is Italian cuisine. She makes the most delicious pasta dishes and pizzas from scratch. Her homemade lasagna is a real crowd-pleaser too.

She cooks for her family and friends. Whether it’s a weekend gathering, a birthday party, or just a casual dinner, Lisa is always eager to whip up something tasty for her loved ones.


Lisa enjoys cooking for others because she believes it brings people closer together. She finds joy in seeing the smiles on their faces when they taste her food. It’s her way of expressing love and care for those around her. Cooking, for Lisa, is not just about preparing a meal; it’s about creating special moments and lasting memories with the people she cares about. It makes her feel connected and fulfilled, knowing that her cooking can make others happy.

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