Who is an insured person?

Sakazi Desk
Feb 08, 2023 05:24 PM 1 Answers
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Sakazi Desk
Feb 22, 2023

An insured person is someone who is covered by an insurance policy. This could refer to an individual who has purchased an insurance policy for themselves, such as health insurance or life insurance, or it could refer to an individual who is covered under an insurance policy held by someone else, such as a family member or employer.

In the context of health insurance, for example, an insured person would be the policyholder or a dependent covered under the policy, and would be entitled to receive benefits outlined in the policy, such as medical care, prescription drugs, or other healthcare services.

The term "insured person" can also be used more broadly to refer to anyone who is covered by an insurance policy, including individuals, businesses, and organizations that have purchased insurance coverage for various types of risks and potential losses.

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