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Linking words – Stating Your Opinion

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample
In my opinionThis is what I thinkIn my opinion, renewable energy sources are crucial for a sustainable future.
I believeI am of the opinionI believe that stricter gun control laws would lead to reduced violence.
From my perspectiveHow I see itFrom my perspective, online education offers more flexibility than traditional classrooms.
It seems to meThis is my perceptionIt seems to me that social media has both positive and negative effects on society.
I am convincedI firmly believeI am convinced that exercise is essential for maintaining good health.
I am of the viewThis is my viewpointI am of the view that cultural diversity enriches communities.
As far as I’m concernedIn my judgmentAs far as I’m concerned, travel broadens one’s horizons.
I hold the opinionI maintain this beliefI hold the opinion that government should invest more in renewable energy research.
PersonallyFrom a personal perspectivePersonally, I find classical music to be soothing and relaxing.
It is my contentionI assertIt is my contention that animal testing should be replaced with alternative methods.

These linking words and phrases can help you express your opinion clearly and confidently in your IELTS writing or speaking tasks. Remember to practice using them appropriately to enhance your communication skills.

Linking words – Expressing condition

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample Sentence
IfIntroduces a conditional clauseIf it rains tomorrow, we’ll stay indoors.
UnlessExcept ifI won’t go to the party unless you come with me.
In caseIf something happensTake an umbrella in case it starts raining.
Provided thatOn the condition thatYou can borrow my car provided that you return it by 6 PM.
As long asOnly ifYou can use my laptop as long as you’re careful.
Whether… orUsed to express a choiceWhether you like it or not, you have to do your homework.
Even ifRegardless of whetherEven if you study hard, the exam might still be difficult.
SupposingAssuming thatSupposing he doesn’t show up, we’ll have to start without him.
Given thatConsidering thatGiven that she’s never been here before, she might get lost.

Here’s a table with linking words and phrases commonly used to express conditions, along with their meanings and example sentences.


Linking words – Concluding

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample Sentence
In conclusionSumming up or giving a final thoughtIn conclusion, it’s clear that technology has greatly impacted communication.
To sum upTo summarize what has been discussedTo sum up, the main factors contributing to climate change include industrial emissions and deforestation.
UltimatelyUltimately, in the endUltimately, the success of the project depends on effective teamwork.
All in allConsidering everythingAll in all, the event was a great success.
In summaryBrief summary of key pointsIn summary, the research highlights the importance of early childhood education.
To concludeTo bring a topic to an endTo conclude, I would like to emphasize the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
HenceTherefore, for this reasonThe results were inconclusive; hence, further investigation is needed.
As a resultDue to this, as an outcomeThe company invested in employee training; as a result, productivity increased.
ThusIn this way, consequentlyThe data shows a consistent pattern; thus, we can infer a strong correlation.
To summarizeTo provide a brief overviewTo summarize, the study indicates a clear relationship between exercise and mental health.

These linking words and phrases can help you effectively conclude your writing or speaking tasks on the IELTS test.

Linking words – Adding Information

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample
FurthermoreIn addition; moreoverShe not only excels in academics but furthermore, she’s a talented musician.
AdditionallyAlso; in addition toHe enjoys swimming, and additionally, he’s an avid hiker.
MoreoverBesides; furthermoreThe concert tickets were expensive; moreover, they were sold out.
In additionAlso; furthermoreIn addition to his job, he volunteers at a local charity.
What’s moreFurthermore; moreoverThe hotel offers a stunning view, and what’s more, it has a rooftop pool.
LikewiseSimilarly; in the same wayShe enjoys painting, and likewise, her sister is an artist.
Not only…but alsoUsed to emphasize two pointsNot only does he speak French fluently, but also Spanish.
Apart fromBesides; aside fromApart from cycling, he’s also interested in photography.
FurthermoreMoreover; in additionThe research was thorough, and furthermore, it was well-presented.
AdditionallyFurthermore; in additionThe study found positive results; additionally, it highlighted potential areas for future research.

These linking words and phrases can help you express additional information in a coherent and organized manner, which is important for tasks like writing essays and reports in the IELTS test.

Linking words – Marking time

Sure, I’d be happy to help you create a table with linking words that are used for marking time, along with their meanings and examples:

Linking WordMeaningExample
First/FirstlyTo begin with; as the initial pointFirstly, let’s discuss the advantages of renewable energy.
SecondlyIn the second place; following the firstSecondly, we’ll examine the challenges of urbanization.
NextFollowing in order; after the previousNext, we’ll delve into the effects of climate change.
ThenAfter that; subsequentlyWe’ll discuss deforestation first. Then, we’ll address…
AfterSubsequent to; later thanAfter finishing school, he pursued a career in medicine.
SubsequentlyFollowing in time or orderThe company expanded its operations and subsequently…
MeanwhileDuring the same time; at the same timeShe studied economics. Meanwhile, he focused on art.
WhileAt the same time; althoughWhile it rained, they continued their outdoor activity.
DuringThroughout a specific timeDuring the summer, many tourists visit the coastal area.
Prior toBefore; earlier thanThe data was collected prior to implementing the changes.

Remember that using these linking words effectively can help improve the coherence and clarity of your writing, which is especially important in tasks like the IELTS test.


Linking words – Showing effect

Certainly, here’s a table with linking words that show cause and effect, along with their meanings and examples:

Linking WordMeaningExample
ConsequentlyAs a resultShe studied diligently; consequently, she aced the exam.
ThereforeFor that reasonHe didn’t have his umbrella; therefore, he got soaked.
ThusIn this wayThey saved money, thus affording their dream vacation.
HenceFrom this time onwardThe flight was delayed, hence they missed their meeting.
As a resultThe outcome of an actionThe team practiced hard, as a result, they won the game.
BecauseDue to the fact thatHe failed the test because he didn’t study.
SoConsequentlyThe weather was terrible, so the picnic was canceled.
SinceBecauseSince it was raining, we stayed indoors.
Owing toBecause ofOwing to traffic, they arrived late to the event.
ThereforeAs a consequenceHe forgot his homework; therefore, he got detention.

Remember to use these linking words appropriately to enhance the coherence and cohesion of your writing during the IELTS test.

Linking words – Showing cause 

Linking WordMeaningExample
BecauseIndicates a reason or causeShe couldn’t attend the party because she was sick.
SinceIntroduces a reason or backgroundSince it was raining, we decided to stay indoors.
AsDemonstrates a cause-effectAs he studied hard, he achieved top marks.
Due toIndicates the reason for somethingThe flight was delayed due to bad weather conditions.
Owing toSignifies a cause or reasonOwing to his dedication, he got promoted quickly.
On account ofHighlights a cause or explanationThey cancelled the event on account of low attendance.
Thanks toImplies a positive causeThanks to their support, we completed the project.

Feel free to use this table as a reference for linking words that demonstrate cause in your IELTS preparation.

Linking words – Expressing Partial Agreement

Linking WordsMeaningExample
To some extentAcknowledging agreement with a point, but not fully.To some extent, I agree with your opinion on climate change.
PartiallyShowing agreement with reservations.I partially agree with your argument about technology’s impact on social interaction.
In a wayIndicating agreement while noting differences.In a way, your proposal makes sense, but there are a few concerns I have.
To a certain degreeExpressing agreement while suggesting limitations.I think your solution has merit, to a certain degree.
More or lessAgreeing with some variations.I think I understand your viewpoint, more or less.
Up to a pointConcurring but with a boundary.I can see your perspective up to a point, but there are factors to consider.
In some respectsRecognizing agreement in specific aspects.In some respects, I see the validity of your analysis.
Partly, but…Agreeing with exceptions or additional information.I’m partly on board with your idea, but we need to address the budget concerns.

These linking words and phrases can help you express partial agreement in your writing or speaking tasks for the IELTS test.


Linking words – Expressing Certainty

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample
CertainlyWithout a doubtShe will certainly pass the exam.
DefinitelyAbsolutely certainI am definitely going to the party.
Without a doubtNo uncertaintyWithout a doubt, he is the best candidate.
SurelyAlmost certainlyShe will surely get a high score.
It’s clear thatObvious and certainIt’s clear that he knows what he’s doing.
It’s certain thatBeyond doubtIt’s certain that the sun will rise tomorrow.
There’s no doubt thatAbsolutely sureThere’s no doubt that he’s a talented musician.
It’s a sure thingA guaranteed outcomeIt’s a sure thing that prices will increase.

Linking words – Generalizing

Linking Word/PhraseMeaningExample Sentence
In generalUsually, typicallyIn general, people prefer to stay indoors during winter.
Generally speakingBroadly speakingGenerally speaking, exercise is good for overall health.
On the wholeOverallOn the whole, the conference was a success.
By and largeMostly, mainlyBy and large, the new policy has been well-received.
For the most partMostly, largelyFor the most part, students enjoy their school holidays.
As a ruleTypically, ordinarilyAs a rule, cats are more independent than dogs.
In most casesUsually, commonlyIn most cases, a healthy diet leads to better fitness.
GenerallyCommonly, typicallyGenerally, people are more productive in the morning.
It is often saidCommonly believedIt is often said that laughter is the best medicine.
TypicallyUsually, normallyTypically, the prices of goods rise during the holiday season.

These linking words and phrases can be used to express generalizations in your writing or speaking tasks on the IELTS test. Make sure to practice using them appropriately to enhance the clarity and coherence of your responses.

Linking words – Contrasting

Linking WordMeaningExample
HoweverIndicates contrast or contradictionShe studied hard; however, she didn’t pass the exam.
NeverthelessShows a contrasting idea despite previous informationThe weather was bad; nevertheless, they went for a hike.
On the other handIntroduces an opposing viewpointSome people prefer cats; on the other hand, others prefer dogs.
AlthoughIntroduces a contrast between two clausesAlthough it rained, we still had a great picnic.
DespiteExpresses contrast despite a previous situationDespite being tired, he finished the marathon.
WhereasHighlights a difference between two thingsHe enjoys action movies, whereas she prefers comedies.
On the contraryShows a clear contrast to what was previously mentionedHe didn’t fail; on the contrary, he excelled in his exams.
UnlikeIndicates a difference between two thingsUnlike her brother, she loves to cook.
In contrastIntroduces a comparison between different aspectsIn contrast to the city, the countryside is quiet and peaceful.
Even thoughShows a concession of a point while introducing contrastEven though it’s expensive, I’ll buy the designer shoes.

Remember to use these linking words appropriately to enhance the clarity and coherence of your writing or speaking in the IELTS test.

Linking words – Comparing

Linking WordMeaningExample
SimilarlyTo show a similarity between two ideasSimilarly, both countries have a rich cultural heritage.
LikewiseIn the same wayHe enjoys outdoor activities; likewise, she’s a nature enthusiast.
In comparisonTo highlight the relationship between thingsIn comparison to last year, this year’s sales have increased.
In the same veinIn a similar mannerShe excels in painting, and in the same vein, her sculptures are remarkable too.
Just asIndicates a parallel or analogous situationJust as the sun rises in the east, so does the moon.
Compared toTo indicate a relative differenceHis speed was impressive, compared to the other runners.
In contrastTo point out differencesHis outgoing personality is in contrast to her reserved nature.
UnlikeTo show dissimilarityUnlike traditional methods, this new technique is more efficient.
On the other handIntroduces a contrasting ideaHe’s not very organized; on the other hand, his sister is incredibly neat.
ConverselyIntroduces an opposing viewpointHe believed the project was worthwhile; conversely, she thought it was a waste of time.

Remember to use these linking words appropriately to create clear and cohesive comparisons in your IELTS writing tasks.

Linking words – Giving Examples

Linking WordMeaningExample
For exampleIntroducing a specific exampleI have many hobbies, such as hiking and painting.
Such asGiving a specific instanceI enjoy outdoor activities, such as biking and camping.
LikeSimilar to, resemblingShe has a talent for music, like her father.
For instanceProviding a particular caseMany countries have strict laws. For instance, Singapore bans chewing gum.
In particularFocusing on a specific detailThe company offers various benefits, in particular, flexible working hours.
To illustrateClarifying with an exampleThe team faced challenges, but to illustrate, they managed to meet their deadline.
NamelyIdentifying preciselyThere are three main colors in the flag, namely red, blue, and green.
SpecificallyIn a detailed and precise mannerThe instructions were specifically designed for beginners.
In other wordsRephrasing or clarifyingThe experiment was unsuccessful— in other words, it didn’t produce the expected results.
As an exampleDemonstrating with an instanceSome fruits, like apples and oranges, contain a lot of vitamin C, as an example.

Remember, using these linking words appropriately can enhance the clarity and coherence of your writing, making it more suitable for the IELTS test or any other language proficiency exam.