Describe a wild animal IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a wild animal

You should say:

  • What it looks like
  • Where you can see it
  • What it likes to eat or do
  • And explain why you like it

Sample Answer 1: Describe a wild animal IELTS Speaking Part 2

I want to speak about a lovely wild animal, the tiger. Tigers are big, majestic creatures with brilliant orange fur covered in black stripes. They have powerful bodies, sharp claws, and piercing eyes. Tigers are recognized for his or her grace and electricity, making them one of the most iconic and putting animals within the wild.


Tigers may be found in numerous components of the arena, however they’re maximum normally related to Asia. You can see them in nations like India, Nepal, and Thailand, wherein they inhabit dense forests and grasslands. These environments offer them with the important cover for searching and thriving within the wild.

Tigers are carnivorous predators and more often than not feed on animals like deer, wild boars, or even smaller mammals. They are known for their stealth and may patiently stalk their prey before launching a powerful attack. Tigers are also first rate swimmers and experience taking a dip in rivers and lakes, in particular during hot climate.

I am particularly fond of tigers because they constitute the splendor and diversity of our herbal global. They aren’t simplest a symbol of power and charm however also play a essential function in maintaining the stability in their ecosystems. Tigers are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, and their conservation is critical for preserving the biodiversity of our planet.

In conclusion, the tiger is a brilliant wild animal with its placing appearance, natural habitat in Asia, carnivorous diet, and significance in our ecosystem. I appreciate and like tigers no longer most effective for their beautiful appearance however also for the vital function they play inside the wild, and I hope that efforts to shield them will assist make certain their survival for future generations to appreciate.


Sample Answer 2: Describe a wild animal IELTS Speaking Part 2

I want to talk approximately a wild animal that I find charming, the Bengal tiger. Bengal tigers are one of the maximum majestic creatures on Earth. They are known for their placing appearance, powerful build, and different orange fur with black stripes. These beautiful creatures have a muscular body and sharp claws, which lead them to ambitious predators.

You can usually see Bengal tigers in the dense forests and grasslands of India and some parts of Bangladesh and Nepal. They opt for habitats with plenty of water assets and prey animals like deer and wild boars. These tigers are known for his or her solitary nature and may cowl huge territories on the lookout for food.

Bengal tigers are carnivores and more often than not want to eat deer, wild pigs, and other small to medium-sized mammals. They are skilled hunters and use their stealth and power to ambush their prey.

I like Bengal tigers for numerous reasons. Firstly, they may be a symbol of electricity and style inside the animal country. Their splendor and energy have continually captured my creativeness. Additionally, Bengal tigers are essential for preserving the stability in their ecosystems by way of controlling the population of herbivores, which, in flip, enables in maintaining the biodiversity in their habitats. Sadly, those brilliant animals are endangered because of habitat loss and poaching, so it is vital to raise consciousness about their conservation.


In conclusion, the Bengal tiger is a first rate wild animal with its putting appearance and effective presence. You can discover them inside the forests of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and that they particularly feed on deer and wild pigs. I recognize Bengal tigers not handiest for their splendor but additionally for their important role in preserving the environment. It’s our duty to shield them and make sure they retain to roam our planet for generations to return.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

Do you think people treat wild animals well in your country?

In my usa, I agree with that human beings normally deal with wild animals with care and appreciate, but there may be room for improvement. Many people and organizations work diligently to shield wildlife and their habitats. National parks and flora and fauna reserves are established to offer safe spaces for wild animals to thrive without human interference. However, there are times of illegal hunting, poaching, and habitat destruction, which pose serious threats to a few species. Overall, there’s a growing cognizance of the importance of preserving natural world, but there may be nonetheless work to be carried out to make certain the nicely-being of untamed animals.

Do you think it is important to spend money on protecting rare or endangered species?


Yes, it is extraordinarily critical to allocate assets and funding to protect rare or endangered species. These species are often getting ready to extinction, and losing them might no longer handiest disrupt ecosystems but additionally diminish the overall biodiversity of our planet. Biodiversity is critical for preserving a stable and healthy environment. When we make investments in the conservation of uncommon or endangered species, we are not simplest safeguarding those unique animals but additionally preserving the delicate stability of nature. This investment can also have long-time period financial blessings through ecotourism and scientific research.

What measures might be taken to protect endangered species from extinction?

There are several measures that may be taken to defend endangered species from extinction:

a. Habitat Protection: One of the handiest methods is to set up and guard their natural habitats. Creating country wide parks, natural world reserves, and protected areas guarantees that these species have secure spaces to live and reproduce.


B. Anti-Poaching Efforts: Implementing strict anti-poaching laws and growing patrols in vulnerable areas can deter illegal looking and trading of endangered species.

C. Breeding and Reintroduction Programs: Some endangered species may be bred in captivity and later reintroduced into the wild to enhance their populations.

D. Public Awareness: Educating the general public about the importance of conservation and the effects of natural world exploitation is vital. Awareness campaigns can trade behaviors and garner help for conservation efforts.

E. International Cooperation: Collaboration between countries is important because many endangered species migrate throughout borders. International agreements and conventions can help coordinate conservation efforts.


F. Research and Monitoring: Investing in clinical studies and tracking programs can provide treasured data approximately endangered species’ conduct, health, and population developments, bearing in mind more effective conservation techniques.

In end, protective endangered species requires a multi-faceted technique that includes habitat upkeep, law enforcement, education, and international cooperation. It’s a collective obligation to ensure those species have a threat to thrive and make contributions to the variety of our planet.