20 High Paying jobs in Alaska with No experience


Finding high-paying jobs with no experience can be challenging anywhere, including Alaska.

However, some jobs may offer competitive salaries and require minimal or no prior experience. Remember that the definition of “high-paying” may vary, and the wages might also depend on factors like location, industry, and employer.


Here are 20 potential jobs in Alaska that could offer relatively good pay for individuals with limited experience:

  1. Fish Processor: Working in seafood processing plants can be physically demanding, but it’s a typical entry-level job in Alaska.
  2. Tour Guide: Depending on the type of tour you lead and the company you work for, tour guides can earn a decent income.
  3. Camp Support Staff: Working in camps and lodges as support staff often provides room, board, and a salary.
  4. Flight Attendant: Some airlines hire entry-level flight attendants without prior experience.
  5. Customer Service Representative: Many industries require customer service representatives to assist clients.
  6. Administrative Assistant: Supporting office tasks is a typical entry-level position.
  7. Retail Sales Associate: Jobs in retail might have varying salaries but can offer commission opportunities.
  8. Security Guard: Securing premises and monitoring safety can be an option.
  9. Warehouse Worker: Handling inventory and logistics is needed in various industries.
  10. Hotel Front Desk Clerk: Hospitality jobs can sometimes be entry-level with potential for advancement.
  11. Delivery Driver: Delivering goods for companies or restaurants could be a possibility.
  12. Construction Laborer: Working on construction sites may require physical strength but could offer competitive pay.
  13. Bus Driver: Some companies hire drivers for routes and tours.
  14. Oil Field Worker: Jobs in the oil industry can be physically demanding but well-paying.
  15. Pipeline Laborer: Assisting in pipeline construction and maintenance may be an option.
  16. Freight Handler: Working at ports or warehouses to handle freight can be a physically demanding but well-paying.
  17. Cruise Ship Crew Member: Cruise lines often hire entry-level staff for various positions.
  18. Entry-Level Office Jobs: Some companies offer administrative roles without prior experience.
  19. Housekeeper: Jobs in hospitality or residential settings may require no prior experience.
  20. Landscaping Worker: Working with landscaping companies might provide opportunities.

Remember that salaries and job availability may change over time, and it’s essential to research specific job opportunities and companies for up-to-date information.

Additionally, while experience may not be mandatory for some of these jobs, having relevant skills or certifications could increase your chances of getting hired and potentially lead to better-paying positions.