Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

Describe an invention that is useful in daily life IELTS Cue Card

Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

You should say:

What the invention is?
What it can do?
How popular it is?
Whether it is difficult or easy to use?
And explain why it is useful.

Sample Answer 1: Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

What the invention is?

I want to talk about something that’s very important in our daily lives – it’s a smartphone.

What it can do?

A smartphone is a magical device. It is capable of a wide range of functions. You can make calls, send messages, check emails, and look up information on the internet. It’s like a pocket-sized computer.

How popular it is?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. It’s extremely popular, and you can see people of all ages using them all over the place.

Whether it is difficult or easy to use?

It is very simple to use a smartphone. You simply tap the screen to get what you want. You don’t have to be an expert at technology to use one.

And explain why it is useful:

A smartphone is incredibly beneficial. Setting reminders and creating to-do lists help you stay organized. It’s similar to having your own personal assistant. You can also relax by listening to music, watching videos, or playing games while using it. But it’s not just for entertainment; it also keeps you informed about what’s going on in the world. As a result, it functions as a friend, entertainer, and teacher all in one small device. It’s difficult to envision life without it.

Sample 2: Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

What the invention is?

The invention I want to talk about is the washing machine.

What it can do?

A washing machine is a home appliance that cleans clothes quickly and efficiently. It removes dirt and stains from clothes by using water, detergent, and a spinning mechanism.

How popular it is?

Washing machines are extremely popular and widely used in households all over the world. Almost every household has one.

Whether it is difficult or easy to use?

Washing machines are simple to operate. Simply load your dirty clothes, add detergent, choose your preferred washing cycle, and press the start button. The machine handles the rest of the work.

And explain why it is useful

The washing machine is extremely useful in everyday life because it saves a significant amount of time and effort. Previously, people had to hand-wash their clothes, which was a laborious and time-consuming task. You can have clean and fresh clothes without the need for strenuous manual labor when you use a washing machine. This appliance has transformed the way we do laundry, making our lives easier and allowing us to focus on other important tasks. It’s a true time saver and a useful addition to any home.

Sample 3: Describe an invention that is useful in daily life

The smartphone is the invention I want to discuss. It’s a device that almost everyone has nowadays.

A smartphone is capable of many functions. It allows me to keep track of my schedule, set reminders, and communicate with friends and family. I can make calls, send messages, and check my emails quickly.

Using a smartphone is simple. I can get all of the information I need with a few taps on the screen. It’s simple to use whether you’re looking up information for a research paper or checking the latest news.

This invention is extremely popular, and you can see people of all ages using it. It has become an essential part of our daily lives.

The smartphone is extremely useful. It helps me stay organized with my schoolwork. I can take notes during class, make to-do lists, and set test reminders. It’s like having a personal tutor in my pocket.

When I need a break from studying, I use my smartphone to relax. I can listen to music, watch videos, or play games to unwind and recharge.

It also keeps me connected to the rest of the world. I can keep up with current events, trends, and important issues. It’s like having a window into the world at my fingertips. So, the smartphone is an invention that makes our daily lives more convenient and connected.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner may ask you during the speaking part 3, which are related to the cue card “describe an invention that is useful in daily life”.

Q1. How has technology made our life easier?
Technology has simplified our lives by automating tasks, improving communication, and providing information. Internet and smartphones make communication fast and easy. Self-driving cars and smart home devices have reduced manual labor and increased efficiency. Online resources aid research and learning. Technology has transformed healthcare with telemedicine and advanced diagnostics. It also simplifies business operations, enabling remote work. Technology has made our daily lives easier, more connected, and more efficient.

Q2. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?
The smartphone is the invention that I find most useful at home. It is a multi-purpose device that can be used for communication, information access, and entertainment. We can use a smartphone to make calls, send messages, access the internet, control smart home devices, and even enjoy various productivity and entertainment apps. It has significantly improved our daily convenience and connectivity.

Q3. Is it more difficult for old people to accept new technologies?
Yes, because of unfamiliarity and potential discomfort with change, older people frequently find it more difficult to embrace new technologies.

Q4. What can be done to help old people learn to make use of new technologies?
Offering user-friendly training programs, clear and concise instructional materials, and patient one-on-one guidance can be extremely beneficial in assisting elderly people in adapting to new technologies. It is critical to provide a safe environment in which they can practice and seek assistance when necessary. Encouraging intergenerational learning by involving younger family members or volunteers can also help to facilitate the learning process and boost their confidence.

Q5. Will our life be better if we live without technology
Living without technology would mean losing conveniences like instant communication and access to vast information. Life might become simpler in some ways, but the lack of tech would limit our options and make tasks more challenging. Overall, while it could be a welcome break, complete technological isolation wouldn’t necessarily make life better in the modern world.

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