Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone


Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone.

You should say:

Who you gave the advice to?
What the advice was?
Why you gave the advice?
And explain how he/she followed your advice.

Model Answer 1:

Well, I once gave my wonderful friend Hosneara a few good suggestions. She is a close friend of mine, and we often talk to each other about our thoughts and problems.


The advice I gave her was about how to manage her time. Hosneara used to have trouble managing her time well, which made it hard for her to do well in her studies and in her personal life. I suggested that she make a daily schedule and put her responsibilities in order of importance and deadlines. I also told her to set aside time for studying, fun activities, and relaxing.

I gave her this advice because I really cared about her well-being and wanted to see her succeed. I knew that better time management would not only help her do better in university, but also lower her stress and improve her overall quality of life.

Hosneara took my advice very seriously. She started using a planner to organize her day, make clear goals, and keep to her schedule. She started setting aside time to study and made sure to turn in her work on time. Because of this, she saw a big improvement in her grades and felt much less overwhelmed by her work.

Hosneara also found that she had more time for herself, which she used to do things she was interested in and have fun with friends and family. This great change in her life made her happier and more sure of how to handle her responsibilities.


Sample Answer 2:

I would like to talk about a time when I advised my friend Sarah. Sarah was stressed and overwhelmed because of her upcoming college final exams. She came to me for advice on how to better manage her time and reduce her nervousness.

My advice to her was straightforward. I advised her to make a study schedule with time frames for each subject she needed to study. I also suggested that she take short breaks between study sessions to avoid fatigue. Furthermore, I advised her to prioritize her most difficult subjects during her peak concentration hours, which for her were in the morning.

I gave Sarah this advice because I noticed she was struggling to balance her study load, and I wanted to help her relieve her stress. My own experiences taught me that having a well-organized study plan and taking breaks could help me focus and reduce anxiety.


Sarah took my advice seriously, which made me happy. She made a plan for studying and followed it to the letter. She also started to take short breaks during the day, which helped her get her energy back. Because of this, she was able to study better and faster.

Sarah worked hard, and it paid off: on her final exams, she did very well. She was thankful for the advice I gave her and told me thank you for helping her through a hard time. It felt good to see her succeed and know that my advice had helped her do well in school.


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