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Describe a job that you would not like to do in the future

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Describe a job that you would not like to do in the future

You should say:

  • What kind of job it is
  • What qualities skills it requires
  • Why you would not like to do it
  • And how you feel about this job.

Sample Answer: 1

One job that I might no longer want to pursue in the future is working as a sewage maintenance worker. This job entails keeping and repairing the sewage and drainage structures in our cities and towns.

To be successful on this process, one wishes a fixed of precise qualities and skills. Firstly, physical power and endurance are essential as it regularly involves heavy lifting and operating in tight, unsightly spaces. Additionally, hassle-solving abilities are vital to troubleshoot and repair complicated sewage structures. Good verbal exchange talents also are vital, as you may need to work in teams and coordinate with other experts.

The cause I would not need to try this process is on the whole because of the running situations. Sewage renovation may be extraordinarily dirty, pungent, and unsafe. The notion of wading through sewage and handling clogged pipes or different problems isn’t attractive to me in any respect. It’s also a process that frequently involves working in unfavourable weather conditions, which can make it even extra tough.

Furthermore, the health dangers associated with sewage protection are a giant subject. Exposure to dangerous micro organism and chemicals can pose extreme fitness dangers, which is something I would really like to avoid in my future career.

In phrases of ways I feel approximately this process, I even have a deep recognize for individuals who paintings in sewage preservation due to the fact they play a vital function in ensuring public health and sanitation. However, individually, I might find it too bodily demanding, unpleasant, and risky for my liking. I trust I would be happier and more fulfilled in a different line of labor that aligns better with my pastimes and options.

In conclusion, running as a sewage upkeep employee is a task I could now not need to pursue within the destiny because of the unsightly running conditions, health risks, and the reality that it doesn’t align with my career aspirations and private possibilities.

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