Completing Story Honesty is the best policy For SSC HSC


Completing Story Honesty is the best policy


Read the beginning of the story and complete it in your own way. 



One day, a girl of class five, Mehjabin, was going to school. When she was about to enter the gate of her school, she suddenly saw a wallet dropped accidentally by someone on the road. Mehjabin was at a loss ……………………. 


Mehjabin was at a loss, wondering what to do with the wallet. She picked it up and opened it to see if any identification or contact information was inside. To her surprise, the wallet was filled with money, credit cards, and important documents. She knew that she had to return the wallet to its owner.



Mehjabin checked the ID in the wallet and found out the owner’s name and address. She decided to skip school for the day and return the wallet to its rightful owner. She went to the address mentioned on the ID and rang the doorbell. A middle-aged woman opened the door and looked surprised to see Mehjabin holding her lost wallet.


Mehjabin explained to the woman how she found the wallet and how she managed to trace the owner. The woman was grateful and thanked Mehjabin for her honesty. She even rewarded Mehjabin with some money as a token of appreciation.



Mehjabin returned to school feeling happy and proud of herself for doing the right thing. Her teacher noticed she was late and asked her why she was absent. Mehjabin told the teacher about the incident, and her teacher praised her for her honesty and integrity.


From that day, Mehjabin became a role model for her classmates and a symbol of honesty and integrity in her school. She inspired many students to follow in her footsteps and always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.



 10 Benefits of Honesty:


  • Builds trust: Honesty is the foundation of trust and when you’re honest, people trust you.


  • Strengthens relationships: Being honest helps to strengthen relationships by creating a deeper level of understanding and respect.


  • Increases self-respect: When you’re honest, you respect yourself and others will respect you too.


  • Reduces stress: Being truthful eliminates the need to keep track of lies and reduces the stress that comes with deception.


  • Encourages personal growth: Honesty encourages personal growth by enabling you to identify your flaws and work on them.


  • Improves communication: Honest communication is clearer and easier to understand, which can improve relationships.


  • Helps avoid conflicts: When you’re honest, misunderstandings can be resolved more quickly and conflicts can be avoided.


  • Promotes accountability: Honesty promotes accountability, which leads to responsible behavior and better decision-making.


  • Attracts positive people: Honesty attracts positive people who share your values and can help you grow.


  • Enhances reputation: Being known as an honest person enhances your reputation and can help you succeed in both personal and professional life.



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