A Village Doctor Composition for Class 6

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A Village Doctor Composition for Class 6


[Introduction, Dispensary, Service, Helpfulness, Status, Conclusion]


A village doctor is an essential member in the village. He plays a vital role in village life. In every village there are doctors. But most of them are not well qualified. But they are very important to the villagers.

The dispensary of a village doctor is not rich. There are one or two almirah with a small stock of medicine. He has a chair and a table for his own use and a bench for the patients. He has no compounder to help him. Usually a village doctor opens his dispensary in his house or in the market.

The patients come to his house. He prescribes medicine for the patients and he himself gives them medicine. After spending sometimes in his dispensary, he goes to visit the house where he is called. His fees are not very high.

A village doctor is always helpful to the villagers. He takes great care of his patients. His main purpose is to cure them. In serious cases, he advises his patients to call in a more qualified doctor.

A village doctor is an honorable person to the villagers. He may not have a high degree as a doctor but the villagers have faith in him and they depend on him.

To conclude, we can say that a village doctor is very obedient to his service. The villagers also respect him very much. He doesn’t have a lot of money but he has a great heart. He is a real friend of the villagers.

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